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Go’ 1. april

Mail i min indbakke, fra firmaet Watchful.li, hvis services jeg gør brug af til at overvåge opdateringer på Joomla websites:

“We’re excited to announce today a partnership with Nespresso to use the monitoring technology we invented at Watchful to keep track of the coffee intake in your home or office. 

Connecting your Nespresso coffee maker to your Watchful dashboard is quick and easy using our App technology. Once setup is complete, you’ll get usage alerts to notify you of potential outages similar to when a critical file gets modified on your Joomla web site.

Even if you don’t have a Nespresso machine in your office, you can download the Coffee Uptime App and give it a try in demo mode“.

Ha’ ha.

Skål i kaffe. Og go’ 1. april derude 🙂

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